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September 2016

  • Vol. 44 No. 3
  • Identification and Characteristics of Mushrooms Grown in Vegetable Greenhouses

    Soon Ja Seok, Ki Bum Yoo, Yong Joo Jin, Dong Ik Kim and Wan Gyu Kim*

  • Phialocephala lagerbergii: A New Record from Crop Field Soil in Korea

    Mahesh Adhikari, Sangwoo Kim, Dil Raj Yadav, Yong Hyun Um, Hyung Seung Kim, Hyang Burm Lee and Youn Su Lee*

  • Microbiological Characteristics and Physiological Functionality of Unrecorded Yeasts from Mountains Soils in Daejeon Metropolitan City and Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

    Sang-Min Han and Jong-Soo Lee*

  • A New Record of Pseudeurotium bakeri from Crop Field Soil in Korea

    Mahesh Adhikari, Sangwoo Kim, Dil Raj Yadav, Yong Hyun Um, Hyun Seung Kim, Hyang Burm Lee and Youn Su Lee*

  • Effects of Fruiting Productivity of Grifola frondosa Using Bottle Cultivation according to Different Substrate Composition

    Jeong-Han Kim*, Dae-Hoon Jeon, Young-Ju Kang, Yun-Kyeoung Jeoung, Yun-Hae Lee and Jeong-Hyun Chi

  • Korean Tricholoma matsutake Strains that Promote Mycorrhization and Growth of Pinus densiflora Seedlings

    Sung-Min Jeon and Kang-Hyeon Ka*

  • Mycelial Growth of Edible Ectomycorrhizal Fungi According to Nitrogen Sources

    Eun-Jin Wang1, Sung-Min Jeon2, Yeongseon Jang1 and Kang-Hyeon Ka1*

  • Antagonistic Effects of the Bacterium Alcaligenes sp. HC12 on Browning Disease Caused by Pseudomonas agarici

    Chan-Jung Lee*, Ji-Won Moon, Jong-Chun Cheong and Won-Sik Kong

  • Biocontrol of Ginseng Damping-off by Bacillus velezensis CC112

    Sang Yeob Lee*, Jaekyeong Song, Kyeong Hun Park, Hang Yeon Weon, Jeong Jun Kim and Ji Hee Han

  • Notes on Endophytic Fungi Isolated from Roots of Oreorchis patens in Korea

    Bong-Hyung Lee, Dong Yeo Kim, Hyeok Park and Ahn-Heum Eom*

  • A New Report on Phialocephala piceae Isolated from Leaf of Diospyros kaki in Korea

    Sangkyu Park, Seung-Yeol Lee, Jae-Jin Lee, In-Kyu Kang, Hyang Burm Lee and Hee-Young Jung*

  • Control of Ginseng Damping-off by Streptomyces sp. A3265

    E-Eum Woo, Gang-Seon Lee, In-Kyoung Lee, Jae-Eul Choi* and Bong-Sik Yun*

  • First Report of Summer Patch Caused by Magnaporthiopsis poae on Cool Season Grass

    Ju Ho Han, Chang Hyun Ahn, Seung-Yeol Lee, Chang-Gi Back, In-Kyu Kang and Hee-Young Jung*

  • Occurrence of Leaf Spot Caused by Stemphylium lycopersici on Cirsium setidens in Korea

    Hyo-Won Choi*, Seok Gu Kim, Sung Kee Hong, Young Kee Lee, Jae Guem Lee, Hyo Won Kim and Eun Hyeong Lee