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June 2019

  • Vol. 47 No. 2
  • First report of the lichen Ochrolechia akagiensis (Ochrolechiaceae, Ascomycota) in Korea

    Jung Shin Park, Soon-Ok Oh, Jeong-Jae Woo, Dong Liu, Sook-Young Park, Jae-Seoun Hur*

  • A new record of Trichocladium griseum in Korea: morphological and molecular characterization

    Setu Bazie Tagele, Thuong T.T. Nguyen, Sang Woo Kim, Mahesh Adhikari, Sun Kumar Gurung, Hyun Goo Lee, Byeong Heon Gwon, Han Jun Ju, San Kosol, Hyang Burm Lee*, and Youn Su Lee*

  • Three Novel Endophytic Fungal Species Isolated from Roots of Medicinal Crops in Korea

    Hyeok Park, Chung Ryul Jung, Ahn-Heum Eom*

  • A new record of Scleroconidioma sphagnicola isolated from soil in Korea

    Benjamin Yaw Ayim, Gihwan Sung, In-Kyu Kang, Seung-Yeol Lee, Hee-Young Jung*

  • Distribution and Diversity of Airborne Fungi in Wooden Cultural Heritages Located at Different Geographical Condition : Cases Studies on Seonamsa Temple, Suncheon and Bupjusa Temple, Boeun

    Jin Young Hong, Jeung Min Lee, Young Hee Kim, Soo Ji Kim, Chang Wook Jo, Ji Hee Park*

  • Breeding and Cultural Characteristics of Newly Bred Lentinula edodes Strain ‘Sanjanghyang’

    Youngae Park, Yeongseon Jang, Rhim Ryoo, Bonghun Lee, Kang-Hyeon Ka*

  • Effect of Ganoderma lucidum Solid-state Fermented Salix gracilistyla Extract on Type I Procollagen Biosynthesis in HDFn Cells

    Yong-Un Jeong, Young-Jin Park*

  • First report of three Filosporella species isolated from freshwater ecosystem in Korea

    Hye Yeon Mun*, Yoosun Oh, Jaeduk Goh, Namil Chung

  • Characteristics of fruiting bodies formed upon monohybrid cross of Lentinula edodes strains

    Kang-Hyeon Ka*, Rhim Ryoo, Yeongseon Jang, Youngae Park, Yeun Sug Jeong, Jae Jun Kang, Guemsim Heo, Sung-Min Jeon