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June 2020

  • Vol. 48 No. 2
  • Comparison of Mycelial Growth Characteristics According to Culture Conditions of Ulleungdo Collection Strains

    Minkyeong Kim, Chorong Ahn and Changmu Kim

  • A New Report of Biscogniauxia petrensis Isolated from Mosquitoes in Korea

    Kallol Das, Joung-Ho Kim Kwang-Shik Choi, Seung-Yeol Lee and Hee-Young Jung

  • Cultural Characteristics and Fruiting-body Productivity of New Variety ‘Hwadam’ (Lentinula edodes) According to Filter Treatment in Boxes

    Jeong-Han Kim, Young-Ju Kang, Il-Sun Baek, Bok-Eum Shin, Tai-Moon Ha and Gu-Hyun Jung

  • First report of six Sordariomycetes fungi isolated from plant litter in freshwater ecosystems of Korea

    Jaeduk Goh, Hye Yeon Mun, Yu-Jeong Jeon, Namil Chung, Young-Hwan Park, Sangkyu Park, Hyejin

  • First Report on Lophiostoma macrostomum and Pestalotiopsis lespedezae Isolated from Conifer Leaves of Pinus densiflora in Korea

    Hyeok Park and Ahn-Heum Eom

  • Characteristics of Newly Bred Lentinula edodes Cultivar ‘Hwadam’ for Sawdust Cultivation

    Jeong-Han Kim, Young-Ju Kang, Il-Sun Baek, Bok-Eum Shin, Jong-In Choi, Yong-Seon Lee, Yun-Hae Lee, Yun-Kyeoung Jeoung, Young-Soon Lee, Jeong-Hyun Chi and Gu-Hyun Jung

  • A Survey of Macrofungal Diversity in Da-Lat, Southern Vietnam

    Jin Sung Lee, Jae Young Park, Nam Kyu Kim, Truong Binh Nguyen, Minkyeong Kim, Eun Ju Woo and Changmu Kim

  • Isolation and Characterization of Unrecorded Wild Yeasts Obtained from Soils of Spice Fields and Mountains

    Ji-Yoon Kim, Sang-Min Han, Seon-Jeong Park, Ji-Eun Jang and Jong-Soo Lee

  • Microbiological Characteristics and Carbon source activity of Unrecorded Wild Yeast Strains from gut of the earthworm(Eisenia andrei) in Korea

    Joo Hyun Han, Sang Eun Lee and Myung Kyum Kim

  • Grovesiella abieticola (Tympanidaceae): an Unrecorded Endophytic Fungus from South Korea

    Ju-Kyeong Eo and Eunsu Park