For the policies on research and publication ethics that are not stated in these instructions, theGuidelines on Good Publication Practice ( should be applied.
An author is one who made a substantial contribution to the overall design and execution of the experiments; therefore, the journal considers all authors responsible for the entire paper. Individuals who provided assistance, e.g., supplied strains or reagents, or critiqued the paper, need not be listed as authors, but may be recognized in the Acknowledgements section.
Originality and duplicate publication
All submitted manuscripts should be original and should not be considered by other scientific journals for publication at the same time. No part of the accepted manuscript should be duplicated in any other scientific journal without the permission of the Editorial Board. If duplicate publication related to the papers of this journal is detected, the authors will be announced in this journal and their institutes will be informed, and there will be penalties for the authors.
Secondary publication
It is possible to republish manuscripts if the manuscripts satisfy the condition of secondary publication of the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals.
Statement of animal rights
For animal subjects, research should be performed based on the National or Institutional Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, and the ethical treatment of all experimental animals should be maintained.
Conflict-of-interest statement
If there are any conflicts of interest, authors should disclose them in the manuscript.