Diversity of Endophytic Fungi Isolated from Hydrophytes in Wetland of Nakdong River

Young-Hyun You1,2   Myung-Chul Lee2   Jong-Guk* Kim1   


ABSTRACT: Endophytic fungal strains were isolated from 5 aquatic plant species (Trapa japonica, Miscanthus sacchariflorus, Oenanthe javanica, Typha orientalis and Zizania latifolia) native to river wetland of tributary in Nakdong river. Total 34 strains were purely isolated, and then its internal transcribed spacer (ITS) regions were amplified. After that, phylogenetic analysis based on ITS sequences and deduction of diversity indices were done. Fungal isolates were belonged to 17 genera, concretely in Acremonium, Alternaria, Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Emericellopsis, Fusarium, Galactomyces, Leptosphaeria, Microsphaeropsis, Penicillium, Peyronellaea, Phoma, Pseudeurotium, Rhizomucor, Talaromyces, Trematosphaeria and Zalerion. Especially, fungal isolates were distributed intensively in genera Alternaria and Talaromyces. This study deals with the diversity of endophytic fungal species that showing symbiotic relationship with their host aquatic plants.


This subject is supported by Korea Ministry of Environment as “The Eco-Innovation Project”.

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