Cultural Characteristics of New Cultivar of Lentinula edodes, Poongnyunko

Young-Ae Park1   Won-Chull* Bak1   Chang-Duck Koo2   Bong-Hun Lee3   


ABSTRACT: In this study, a new cultivar of Lentinula edodes was bred from dikaryotic KFRI 490 and monokaryotic KFRI 536 by Di-mon method. The new breed was named “Poongnyunko” and physiological characteristics was investigated. Its optimal growing temperature was 25oC, and it had thin density. Its colony was colorless and did not form any epithelium. On the 7th day of mycelial growth, “Poongnyunko” was 56.6 mm, and showed higher cellulase activity compared with “Sanlim 4-ho”(52.9 mm). On the 5th day of mycelial growth, “Poongnyunko” was 58.0 mm, and showed higher laccase activity compared with “Sanlim 4-ho” (55.6 mm). Its pH at a substrate was 6.0. Before cultivation, the pH of sawdust substrate was 4.7-5.5 went down to 3.7-3.9 after 120-day cultivation. After 60 days of cultivation, the change of CO2 was the greatest. During the cultivation, CO2 concentration in a growing bag was 4.67% to 3.90%.


This study was supported by a grant from the Golden Seed Project of ‘Breeding of new strains of shiitake for cultivar protection and substitution of import (213003-04-1-SBH-10), Korea Forest Service, Republic of Korea.

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