Isolation and Identification of Yeasts from Wild Flowers in Deogyu Mountain and their Physiological Functionalities

Sang-Min Han   Se-Hee Hyun   Jong-Soo* Lee   


ABSTRACT : Several kinds of yeasts were isolated from wild flowers collected from Muju resort of Deogyu mountain in Korea and identified by comparison of nucleotide sequences of D1/D2 region of 26S rDNA using BLAST. Totally twenty-two strains of eight species were isolated and Cryptococcus magnus (9 strains) and Cryptococcus flavescenes (6 strains) were dominant species. The supernatant and cell-free extracts were prepared and their antioxidant activity, anti-gout xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity and whitening tyrosinase inhibitory activity were investigated. Anti-gout xanthine oxidase inhibitory activities of Sporobolomyces phaffii JS00583 and Rhodotorula graminis JS00581 were 40.4% and 39.1%, respectively and also was 36.1% whitening tyrosinase inhibitory activity in the supernatant of Cryptococcus magnus JS00570.


This work was supported by a grant from the National Institute of Biological Resources (NIBR), funded by the Ministry of Environment (MOE) of the Republic of Korea (NIBR No. 2013-02-001).

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