Cultural Characteristics and Fruiting-body Productivity of New Variety ‘Hwadam’ (Lentinula edodes) According to Filter Treatment in Boxes

Jeong-Han  Kim1,*   Young-Ju Kang1   Il-Sun  Baek1   Bok-Eum  Shin1   Tai-Moon  Ha1   Gu-Hyun  Jung1   

1Mushroom Research Institute, Gyeonggido Agricultural Research & Extension Services, Gwangju 12805,Republic of Korea


This study was carried out to develop a new method of cultivation of ‘Hwadam’ a new variety of Lentinula edodes, to improve fruiting body productivity and reduce labor. To determine the optimum filter number for box cultivation, L. edodes were assessed for their cultural characteristics and mushroom yield. During spawn running of L. edodes in the box, the temperature gradually increased to the highest value of 25.8℃, 23.7℃, and 23.0℃ on day 18 for the four filter, two filter, and no treatment groups, respectively. Oxygen concentration displayed an opposite trend to carbon dioxide concentration, reaching the lowest value on day 21. The oxygen concentration progressively increased as more filters were used (5.4%, 8.2%, and 8.9% treatment with no, two, and four filters, respectively. Growth of L, edodes in the box resulted in the highest yield (2,228 g/7kg substrate) and biological efficiency (70.7%) using four filters. The biological efficiency of the four filter treatment was 29.4% higher compared to bag cultivation (41.3%). Further studies are necessary to verify stable productivity of fruiting bodies through repeated cultivation.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. Various filter treatments in boxes to produce fruiting body of .