Characteristics of Newly Bred Lentinula edodes Cultivar ‘Hwadam’ for Sawdust Cultivation

Jeong-Han  Kim1,*   Young-Ju  Kang1   Il-Sun  Baek1   Bok-Eum  Shin 1   Jong-In  Choi1   Yong-Seon  Lee2   Yun-Hae  Lee3   Yun-Kyeoung  Jeoung2   Young-Soon  Lee 2   Jeong-Hyun  Chi 2   Gu-Hyun  Jung1   

1Mushroom Research Institute, Gyeonggido Agricultural Research & Extension Services, Gwangju 12805, Korea
2Gyeonggi Agricultural Research & Extension Services, Hwaseong 18388, Korea
3National Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Wanju 55365, Korea


A new oak mushroom cultivar ‘Hwadam’ was bred from monokaryotic strains of ‘GMLE36062’ and ‘LE15401’. The optimum temperature for mycelial growth of ‘Hwadam’ on potato dextrose agar was 25℃. The cultivation period of ‘Hwadam’ lasted for 129 days until the first harvest of the fruiting bodies, including 35 days for spawn run, 84 days for browning, and 10 days for development of fruiting bodies. The fruiting bodies of ‘Hwadam’ had a hemispherical, brighter pileus and thicker stipe than the control cultivar (Sanjo 701ho). The three-cycle yield of ‘Hwadam’ was 554 g, which was higher than that of control cultivar (405 g). In addition, ‘Hwadam’ contained 79.4 mg/g of beta-glucan and 0.93 mg GAEs/g of phenolic compounds, which was similar to that of the control cultivar but higher than that of 'L808' and 'Chujae 2ho'.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. The Pedigree of a new oak mushroom ‘Hwadam’ bred by mating of monokaryotic mycelia.