New Record of three Penicillium species isolated from the Freshwater Environment in Korea

Hye Yeon Mun1,*   Yu Jeong Jeon1   Jaeduk Goh1   

1Fungi Research Team, Microbial Research Department, Nakdonggang National Institute of Biological Resources, Sangju 37242, Korea


In this study, we aimed to observe the diversity of aquatic fungi by collecting deposits of soil, plants, and plant litter from streams and rivers. Three Penicillium strains were isolated from soil in streams. Based on the morphological characteristics and phylogenetic analysis using DNA sequences of the internal transcribed spacer, ß-tubulin and calmodulin genes, the isolates were identified as Penicillium guanacastense, P. saturniforme, and P. scabrosum. These three fungi have not yet been reported in Korea.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1.Phylogenetic analysis using the neighbor-joining method based on internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region, ß-tubulin and calmodulin gene sequences of three species. was used to an outgroup. Bootstrap values more than 50% (1,000 replications) are shown at branches. The new isolates from the present study are shown in bold and red.