Identification and Characterization of Unrecorded Aspergillus spp. in Korea

Doo-Ho Choi1   Hyeok-Jun Yoon1   Seung-Bum Hong2,*   Jong-Guk Kim1,*   

1School of Life Science and Biotechnology, Kyungpook National University, Daegu 41566, Korea
2Korean Agricultural Culture Collection, National Academy of Agricultural Science, RDA, Suwon, Korea


A survey of fungal diversity in Gyeongsang Province, Korea, revealed two previously unreported Aspergillus isolates, named KMG411 and KMG412. The phylogeny of the isolates was analyzed based on β-tubulin (BenA) and calmodulin (CaM) sequencing. Morphological analyses further identified the KMG411 and KMG412 as A. insuetus and A. nomius, respectively. Here we provide detailed morphological descriptions of the previously unrecorded Aspergillus species.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. Maximum-likelihood phylogenetic analysis of combined sequence data of A and M genes from NIBRFG0000505325. The sequence of was used as an outgroup. Bootstrap scores >50 are presented. The number of nucleotide substitutions per site was denoted by the scale bar. “T” identifies the type strains of the given fungal speciesT. he isolate NIBRFG0000505325 is marked in red.