Culture Characteristics and Optimal Conditions for Mycelial Growth of Artomyces microsporus

Gyeong-Jin Min1   Een-ji Lee1   Hea-sung Park1   Chan-Jung Lee1,*   

1Mushroom Science Division, National Institute of Horticultural and Herbal Science, RDA, Eumseong 27709, Korea


Artomyces microspora is a genus of coral fungi from the family Auriscalpiaceae that have sporophores which are clavarioid, profusely and pyxidately branched, and devoid of a conspicuous stipe. These fungi can be found in summer and fall. This study aimed to decipher fundamental information regarding optimal growth conditions of Artomyces microsporus mycelia, including pH, temperature, carbon sources, and nitrogen sources. Based on the assessment of colony diameter and mycelial density, the optimal culture medium, temperature, and pH for mycelial growth were found to be PDA, 25 °C, and pH 5.0, respectively. Furthermore, the study revealed that the optimal carbon and nitrogen sources for mycelial growth were 1% soluble starch and 2% malt extract, respectively. The other suitable inorganic nitrogen sources were deemed to be 0.1% NH4H4PO4 and 0.1% aspartic acid.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. Phylogenetic relationships of based on intermal transcribed spacers (ITS) region sequences. Number on branch is bootstrap values 1,000 replicate analysis. genetic distance between samples. Bar=0.01 (Blue color font : strain used in the study accession no. MW647518).