Isolation of Wild Yeasts from Riversides in Geumgang Upstream, Taean and Suncheonman Seashores and Microbiological Characteristics of the Unrecorded Wild Yeasts

Seon-Jeong Park1   Ji-Eun Jang1   Hyang-Burm Lee2   Jong-Soo Lee1,*   

1Faculty of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, Paichai University, Daejeon 35345, Korea
2Division of Food Technology, Biotechnology and Agrochemistry, Chonnam National University, Gwangju 61186, Korea


This study aimed to isolate wild yeasts from waters and soils on the riversides of Geumgang upstream in Geumsan, seashores of Cheongpodae in Taean and Suncheonman in Suncheon, Korea, and to investigate their unrecorded microbiological characteristics. Forty-nine species of wild yeasts, including Aureobasidium pullans YH 4-3, were isolated from 40 samples of Cheonnaegang in Geumgang upstream. Fifty-six species and 36 species of wild yeasts were also isolated from 80 samples of Cheongpodae Beach and Suncheonman Mashland, respectively. Species from Candida genus were isolated from all three locations. Among them, Candida michaelii NNIBRFG28278, Sporobolomyces japonicus NNIBRFG28271, Dioszegia buhagiarii NNIBRFG28279, Ustilago spermophora NNIBRFG28273, Nakazawaea pomicola NNIBRFG31590, Candida natalensis NNIBRFG31591, Candida pseudorhagii NNIBRFG31592, Candida santamariae NNIBRFG31593, Cutaneotrichosporon terricola NNIBRFG31594, and Meira nashicola NNIBRFG31595 represent newly recorded yeast strains in Korea. Almost all of these unrecorded yeasts were oval shaped, and Sporobolomyces japonicus NNIBRFG28271 and Candida natalensis NNIBRFG31591 have ascospores. All the strains grew well in yeast extract-peptone-dextrose (YPD) and yeast extract-malt extract (YM) media, and Ustilago spermophora NNIBRFG28273 grew well in vitamin-free medium. Sporobolomyces japonicus NNIBRFG28271 grew well in 15% NaCl-containing YPD medium, and Ustilago spermophora NNIBRFG28273 and Dioszegia buhagiarii NNIBRFG28279 assimilated starch, and Ustilago spermophora NNIBRFG28273 produced ethanol.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. Phylogenetic tree of the unrecorded yeasts isolated from freshwaters and soils of Cheonnaegang in Geumgang upstream, based on the nucleotide sequences of large subunit 26S ribosomal DNA D1/D2 region. The tree was generated by the neighbor-joining method, using MEGA 7. The bar indicates the number of substitutions per position. The new isolates from the present study are shown in bold and its detailed characteristics were described in Table 4.