Seven Newly Recorded Macrofungi of Inocybaceae (Agaricales, Basidiomycota) in Korea

Sung-Eun Cho1   Young-Nam Kwag1   Sang-Kuk Han1   Chang Sun Kim1,*   

1Forest Biodiversity Division, Korea National Arboretum, Pocheon 11186, Korea


The Inocybaceae is a family of ectomycorrhizal fungi belonging to the Agaricales order. Most species in this family produce secondary metabolites, such as muscarine, psilocybin, and other compounds. In the present study, we conducted taxonomic studies on the Inocybaceae based on morphological and molecular phylogenetic analyses for the first time in Korea. As a result, seven species of Inocybaceae were newly recorded: Inocybe caroticolor, I. fuscidula, I. grammatoides, I. latibulosa, I. stellata, Inosperma shawarense, and Mallocybe malenconii. Among them, the genera Inosperma and Mallocybe were described for the first time in Korea. Relevant morphological characteristics, phylogenetic trees, and photographs are provided.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. tree of the Inocybaceae family using internal transcribed spacer (ITS) regions of rDNA sequences. is an outgroup. Bootstrap values higher than 60% are shown in the branches (1,000 replicates). The scale bar equals the number of nucleotide substitutions per site. The type materials are indicated as T in phylogeny. .