Galactomyces pseudocandidus (Dipodascaceae): An Unrecorded Yeast-like Fungus Isolated from the Digestive Tract of Procambarus clarkii

Ju-Kyeong  Eo1,*   Eunsu  Park1   Suhwan  Kim 2   Han-Na  Choe3   



The unrecorded fungus Galactomyces pseudocandidus de Hoog & M.T. Sm. was isolated and cultured from an introduced species, Procambarus clarkii, in Korea. Two related species, Galactomyces citri-aurantii and Geotrichum candidum, have been reported, but no other Galactomyces spp. have been found in Korea. In this study, we isolated G. pseudocandidus from the digestive tract of American crayfish using RGY (river water-glucose-yeast) medium and then compared the morphological and molecular characteristics of this species with those of related species. As a result, we confirmed that G. pseudocandidus is an unrecorded fungus in Korea, so we described and reported the cultural characteristics and microstructures, such as conidia.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. Cultural characteristics of Galactomyces pseudocandidus NIE34005 isolated from digestive tract of Procambarus clarkii. A, B: Front and reverse sides of colony on maltose extract agar (MEA). C, D: Front and reverse sides of colony on potato dextrose agar (PDA). E: Conidia. Scale bars: E=50 μm.