Isolation and Characterization of Previously Undescribed Seventeen Fungal Species Belonging to the order Hypocreales in Korea

Jaeduk   Goh1,*   Yoosun  Oh1   Young-Hwan   Park1   Hye Yeon Mun1   Sangkyu  Park1   Wonsu  Cheon1   

1Fungi Research Team, Nakdonggang National Institute of Biological Resources, Sangju 37242, Korea


Hypocreales is one of the largest orders within the class Sordariomycetes in Ascomycota. Several species of this order are cosmopolitan and have a broad range of habitats. Here, we isolated several fungal strains from environmental samples, including freshwater sediment and plant litter. The strains were identified via molecular and phylogenetic analyses of rDNA and other DNA markers, such as TUB, RPB2, and EF1. The morphological characteristics of the fungi were investigated using microscopy, and culture characteristics were assessed from their growth on several media. We identified 17 species previously unrecorded in Korea: Dactylonectria hordeicola, Flavocillium bifurcatum, Fusarium luffae, Ilyonectria ilicicola, Ilyonectria qitaiheensis, Ilyonectria robusta, Lecanicillium aphanocladii, Nectria ulmicola, Neonectria lugdunensis, Ovicillium oosporum, Pseudonectria foliicola, Sarocladium spinificis,, Scolecofusarium ciliatum, Trichoderma appalachiense, Trichoderma subviride, Trichoderma taiwanense, and Trichoderma tsugarense.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. Phylogenetic tree of and their related species, based on maximum-likelihood analysis of the combination of internal transcribed region sequences and beta-tubulin gene sequences. Numbers at the nodes indicate the bootstrap values (>50%) from 1,000 replications. Red color font indicates fungal strains in this study.