Current Issue
March, 2024

  • Vol. 52 No. 01


  • Microbiological Characteristics of the Unrecorded Wild Yeasts from Jeju Island and Jangsado in Southern Coast, Korea

    Jeong-Su Moon, Hyang Burm Lee, and Jong-Soo Lee

    The present study aimed to screen unrecorded wild yeasts from Jeju lsland and Jangsado on the southern coast of Korea, and to investigate their microbiological characteristics. To date, Coniozyma leucospermi JJD37-2, …

  • First Report of Endophytic Fungi, Aequabiliella effusa, Isolated from Twigs of Larix gmelinii var. olgensis in Korea

    Jae-Eui Cha, Yun-Jeong Kim, and Ahn-Heum Eom

    We isolated endophytic fungal strains from twigs of Larix gmelinii var. olgensis. These strains were identified based on their morphological characteristics and phylogenetic analyses including internal transcribed …

  • First Report of Sarocladium strictum Causing Sheath Rot of Rice (Oryza sativa) in Korea

    Berrick Ochieng, Sung Kee Hong, Oliul Hassan, and Hyunjoo Ryu

    Rice sheath rot causes yield losses of up to 85% in rice-growing areas worldwide. In September 2023, the disease was detected in rice fields at the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences in Wanju, …

  • Two Unrecorded Macrofungal Species from Sohwangbyeongsan in Korea

    Minkyeong Kim, Jin Sung Lee, Hyun Lee, and Changmu Kim

    Indigenous fungi from Mount Sohwangbyeongsan, Odaesan National Park, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea, were investigated between 2013 and 2016. Our survey identified a total of 137 …


  • Taxonomic Characteristics of Twelve New Yeast Species Isolated in 2023 Not Listed in the National Species List of Korea

    Jung-Woo Ko, Ye-Jin Kim, Eun-Jeong Kim, Sang-Su Lee, Seong-Min Choi, Chorong Ahn, Chang-Mu Kim, and Cheon-Seok Park

    With a history spanning 9,000 years, yeast has played a central role in the traditional production of fermented foods, particularly alcohol and bakery. Recent research has highlighted the versatility of …


  • First Report of Anthracnose Caused by Colletotrichum sojae on Peanut in Korea

    Shinhwa Kim, Soo Yeon Choi, Hyunjung Chung, Nak Jung Choi, Bo Yoon Seo, and Sang-Min Kim

    In August 2023, a leaf spot disease was observed on peanut in Cheongju-si, Korea. The leaf spots occurred at the leaf margins, and then the lesion expanded gradually. The diseased leaf areas were light or dark brown and …


  • Correlation Analysis Study Between Spent Mushroom Substrate and Microbial Community

    In Kyu Lee, Hyun Seung Kim, Ji Min Woo, Won Jun Chang, Eun Jeong Byeon, Ki Byung Park, and Youn Su Lee

    Next-generation sequencing of shiitake, oyster, and king oyster spent mushroom substrates collected from Chun-cheon, Yeo-ju, Hong-cheon, Gwang-ju, Ui-ryeong, and A-san was performed. Metabarcoding analysis …