Current Issue
September, 2023

  • Vol. 51 No. 03


  • First Reports of Unrecorded Mortierellomycetes and Umbelopsidomycetes Fungi from Freshwater Ecosystems in Korea

    Jaeduk Goh, Yoosun Oh, and Hye Yeon Mun

    In this study, we isolated several fungal strains from filtered water and sediment collected from rivers and streams. The strains were identified by molecular phylogenetic analyses of …

  • Four unrecorded species of macrofungi from South Korea

    Sung-Eun Cho, Dong-Hyeon Lee, Eui Kyeong Kim, Keum Chul Shin, and Nam Kyu Kim

    In 2022, our investigation focused on exploring the macrofungal diversity in South Korea. Through the examination of morphological characteristics and ITS sequences of the rDNA, …

  • Identification of Host-Resistant and Susceptible Varieties of Korean Grapes to Plasmopara viticola, a Pathogen Causing Grapevine Downy Mildew

    Marc Semunyana, Sun Ha Kim, Jiyoung Min, Soo-Min Lee, and Sang-Keun Oh

    Grapevine downy mildew, caused by Plasmopara viticola, significantly damages vineyards and is one of the most devastating diseases affecting cultivated grapes worldwide. In this …

  • Three new records of mushroom species from Hangyeong-Andeok Gotjawal, South Korea

    Seung-Hak Lee, Dae-Ju Oh, Weon-Jong Yoon and Yong-Hwan Jung

    This study introduces one specimen each of the genera Gymnopilus, Marasmius, and Mycena as an unrecorded species found in the Hwasun Gotjawal and Jeju Gotjawal Provincial Park …

  • Physiological Functionalities and Enzyme Activities of Non-pathogenic Pigmented Wild Yeasts

    Jeong-Su Moon, Seung-A Shin, Seung-Eun Baek, and Jong-Soo Lee

    This study aimed to produce novel bioactive compounds from non-pathogenic pigmented wild yeasts. Culture supernatants and cell-free extracts of non-pathogenic pigmented …

  • Fungal Distribution in Traditional Meju and Characterization of Isolated Strains

    Ye-Eun Son, Ye-Jin Kang, Sun-Young Choi, Yoon-Kyung Choi, Ju-Eun Lee, Junyoung Kim, and Hee-Soo Park

    This study was conducted to analyze the distribution and characteristics of fungal species in meju using the traditional method. Fungal distribution in meju was investigated using …

  • Three Unrecorded Endophytic Fungal Species Isolated from Plants in Taean-gun, Korea

    Jae-Eui Cha, Hyeok Park, Jae-Wook Choi, Seok-Yong Park, and Ahn-Heum Eom

    In the present study, we isolated endophytic fungi from different tissues of two plants, Pseudosasa japonica and Quercus serrata from Taean-gun, Korea. Morphological …


  • New Finding of Golovinomyces salviae Powdery Mildew on Glechoma longituba (Lamiaceae), Besides Its Original Host Salvia spp.

    In-Young Choi, Lamiya Abasova, Joon-Ho Choi, Young-Joon Choi, Hyeon-Dong Shin

    The Golovinomyces biocellatus complex is known to consist of powdery mildew from the Golovinomyces genus, associated with host plants from the Lamiaceae family. Recent …

  • Leaf Blight Caused by Curvularia intermedia on the Invasive Weed Lactuca serriola in Korea

    Jin A Lee, Seon Young Lee, Young-Joon Choi

    Prickly lettuce (Lactuca serriola), an invasive annual plant, poses a significant threat to the agricultural systems of many countries, including Korea. In 2020, leaf blight symptoms …

  • Unrecorded Fungi Isolated from Rhizosphere Soil of Fallopia sachalinensis in Dokdo Islands

    Young-Hyun You, Han Jung Sung, Manh Ha Nguyen, Jong Myong Park, Ji Won Hong, Won-Jae Chi, Kim Bomi, and Dae Ho Kim

    We isolated fungi from the rhizosphere of Fallopia sachalinensis in Dokdo islands. Morphological and molecular characters, based on the internal transcribed spacer (ITS), and partial large …