Mycelial Growth of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi by Different Carbon Sources in Liquid Culture

Kyu-Kwang Shim1   Young-Jin  Yoo1   Hyeon Ka* Kang1   


Four ectomycorrhizal fungi were tested for their ability to utilize seven carbon sources in modified Melin-Norkrans medium. After 60 days of mycelial culture, the highest mycelial growth in Hygrophorus russula (KFRI 1987), Sarcodon aspratus, Leccinum extremiorientale (KFRI 1194), and Tricholoma matsutake (KFRI 1256) was observed with use of dextrin used as a carbon source. H. russula, S. aspratus (KFRI 1676), and L. extremiorientale showed the lowest mycelial growth on nutrient medium with pectin. The utilization of homoglycans (starch, dextrin) in seven strains (except for T. matsutake KFRI 1256) was higher than that of heteroglycan (pectin). The final pH values of all culture media were decreased by pH 1.1~3.0 compared with the initial pH values of culture media. The dominant color of mycelia was white and varied according to the carbon sources (yellow, brown, and purple) in some strains. A single colony was observed in L. extremiorientale cultured in liquid media containing four or five different types of carbon sources, whereas multiple colonies were formed in liquid media containing six different types of carbon sources by six strains.


본 연구는 국립산림과학원 ` 산림미생물 유전자원의 수집 및 증식 보존 기술 연구(FP 0801-2010-01) ' 의 지원으로 수행되었습니다.

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