Multiplex Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR) Markers Discriminating Pleurotus eryngii Cultivar

Chak Han  Im   Kyung-Hee  Kim   Hee Jeong Je   Asjad Ali   Min-Keun Kim   Wan-Kyu  Joung   Sang Dae  Lee   HyunYeol Shin   Jae-San Ryu*   


For development of a method for differentiation of Pleurotus eryngii cultivars, simple sequence repeats (SSR) from whole genomic DNA sequence analysis was used for genotyping and two multiplex-SSR primer sets were developed. These SSR primer sets were employed to distinguish 12 cultivars and strains. Five polymorphic markers were selected based on the genotyping results. PCR using each primer produced one to four distinct bands ranging in size from 200 to 300 bp. Polymorphism information content (PIC) values of the five markers were in the range of 0.6627 to 0.6848 with an average of 0.6775. Unweighted pair-group method with arithmetic mean clustering analysis based on genetic distances using five SSR markers classified 12 cultivars into two clusters. Cluster I and II were comprised of four and eight cultivars, respectively. Two multiplex sets, Multi-1 (SSR312 and SSR366) and Multi-2 (SSR178 and SSR277) completely discriminated 12 cultivars and strains with 21 alleles and a PIC value of 0.9090. These results might be useful in providing an efficient method for the identification of P. eryngii cultivars with separate PCR reactions.

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