Isolation and Physiological Functionality of Yeasts from Wild Flowers in Seonyudo of Gogunsanyeoldo, Jeollabuk-do, Korea

Se-Hee Hyun   Sang-Min  Han   Jong-Soo  Lee12   


Sixty one yeast strains of 21 species were isolated from wild flowers in Gogunsanyeoldo, including Seonyudo of Jeollabuk-do, Korea, and identified by comparison of nucleotide sequences for PCR-amplified D1/D2 region of 26S rDNA using BLAST. Among them, Cryptococcus sp. including C. aureus SY1-4 were found to be dominant, and Metschnikowia sp. including M. reukaufii SY20-1 and Rhodotnula sp. such as R. ingeniosa SY1-1 were also abundantly isolated. Some physiological functionalities of the culture broth and cell-free extracts from 61 yeast strains were determined. Supernatant from Metschnilowia reukaufii SY44-6 showed anti-gout xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity of 49.6% and whitening tyrosinase inhibitory activity of 38.4%, respectively.


본 논문은 환경부 국립생물자원관의 지원을 받아 수행된 연구결과입니다.

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