Decolorization Efficiency of Different Dyes by Extract from Spent Mushroom Substrates of Pleurotus eryngii

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Water extract from spent mushroom substrates (SMS) of Pleurotus eryngii was utilized in decolorization of eight synthetic dyes and wastewater from a textile factory. High laccase activity was detected in the extract of P. eryngii (SMSE). The SMSE showed that decolorization rate was 34~93% after 24 h incubation without any mediator on eight dyes including Rit-blue and Rit-red used in fiber dyeing. Dye decolorization rate more than 90% was observed on bromophenol blue and remazol brilliant blue R (RBBR). Dye in textile wastewater was decolorized at room temperature after three days by addition of P. eryngii SMSE. The results suggest that biological decolorization of dyes using the P. eryngii SMSE can be used as environmental friendly materials.


본 연구는 농촌진흥청 공동연구사업(과제번호 PJ009969) 연구지원에 의해 수행된 결과이며, 곽아민, 민경진, 김상수에게 BK21 Plus 프로그램의 장학금이 지원됐습니다.

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