Monotropoid Mycorrhizal Characteristics of Monotropa uniflora (Ericaceae) Collected from a Forest in Korea

Eun-Hwa Lee   Ahn-Heum Eom   


The roots of Monotropa uniflora were collected from a forest in Korea. Morphological characteristics of monotropid mycorrhizas of the plants were determined. Thick mantles covered the roots and fungal pegs inside the epidermal cells of the roots were observed. Fungal symbionts were identified by sequence analysis of internal transcribed spacer region. Phylogenetic analysis based on the sequences demonstrated that the fungus was the most closely related to Russula heterophylla. The result support the strong specificity between M. uniflora and Russula species.


This work was supported by the 2013 Research Grant funded by Korea National University of Education.

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