Identification of Fungi Isolated from Cheongdo-Banshi (flat persimmon) Stored in a Refrigerator

Narae Bang1   Sango Ha2   Dae-Ho Kim1   Seon-Hwa Kim1   Seung-Beom Hong1   


Nine strains of fungi which showed different colonies were isolated from Cheongdo-Banshi (flat persimmon) stored in a refrigerator. Based on morphological and molecular characteristics, they were identified as Botrytis cinerea (n=4), Penicillium expansum (n=2), and Rhizopus delemar (n=1). Of these, B. cinerea and P. expansum occurred frequently but R. delemar occurred rarely. This report of P. expansum and R. delemar on persimmon is the first time in Korea.


본 연구는 농촌진흥청 연구과제(과제번호: PJ00866601)의 일부 지원에 의하여 수행되었습니다.

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