Selection of Carbon, Nitrogen Source and Carrier for Mass Production of Beauveria bassiana

Jeong Jun Kim1   Ji Hee Han1   Sangyeob Lee1   


For mass production of entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana 149, isolated from moth larva, by two-phase fermentation, we performed selection of carbon and nitrogen sources for liquid culture and examined solid fermentation on carrier, ingredient, temperature, and water content. Spore production with rice powder, corn powder, and starch from sweet potato was higher than that of sucrose and dissolvable starch for liquid fermentation as first-phase fermentation. As a nitrogen source, addition of peptone and yeast powder showed higher spore production than NaNO3, fish powder, and soybean powder. The isolate produced more conidia in sawdust + wheat bran + corn powder, sawdust + wheat bran and rice shell + wheat bran as carrier and ingredient than vermiculite as carrier. Conidia production of B. bassiana 149 in solid-phase fermentation was twice higher at 30 than 20. Conidia yield was higher at 60% and 70% water content (26.9×108 and 38.6×108 conidia/g) than 40% and 50% (13.9×108 and 11.6×108 conidia/g), respectively.


본 연구는 국립농업과학원의 공동연구 과제(PJ009979)의 지원에 의해 수행되었습니다.

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