First Record of Endophytic Paraconiothyrium brasiliense Isolated from Chinese Maple Leaves in Korea

Narayan Chandra Paul1   Hyang Burm Lee1   


The fungal endophyte EML-CM25 was isolated in Korea from surface sterilized Chinese maple leaf tissues. Internal transcribed spacer sequence analysis indicated that the isolate showed 99% sequence similarity with Paraconiothyrium brasiliense, a finding that was confirmed by morphological analyses. The fungal colonies did not express aerial hyphae. Conidiomata formation was observed in the fungus cultured on potato dextrose agar at 25ºC for 7 days. Visible scattered black dots consisting of pycnidia were present throughout the colony. This is the first record of P. brasiliense in Korea.


This work was supported by a grant from the National Institute of Biological Resources (NIBR), funded by the Ministry of Environment (MOE) of the Republic of Korea.

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