Undescribed Fungal Species Found in Ulleungdo, Korea

Geum Ran Ahn   Seong Hwan* Kim   


ABSTRACT : Ulleungdo is a volcanic island inhabited by a variety of animals and plants in an oceanic climate in the East Sea. The presence of filamentous fungi has been rarely reported in Ulleungdo. Thus, in this study some plants in the Nari basin and soils in the Dodong region were sampled. Fungi were isolated from the soil and identified by microscopical and molecular biological methods. Coniothyrium aleuritis, Hypocrea valdunensis, Pestalotiopsis uvicola and P. caudate were identified and found to be undescribed species in Korea.


This study was support by National Institute of Biological Resources (NIBR No 2013-02-001) of Korea.

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