Comparison of Fruiting Body Characteristics Among Shiitake Varieties Developed by National Institute of Forest Science Using Sawdust Block Cultivation Method

Young-Ae Park1   Bonghun Lee2   Yeun Sug Jeong1   Yeongseon Jang1   Rhim Ryoo1   Kang-Hyeon Ka1,*   

1Special Forest Products Division, National Institute of Forest Science, Suwon 16631, Korea
2Cogsupygo, Yangpyeung 12544, Korea


Six strains among the shiitake varieties developed by the National Institute of Forest Science were used to select suitable varieties for sawdust block cultivation method. After 100 days cultivation (60 days in dark and 40 days in light), the weight loss rate of the sawdust block media was 14.4% (12.8% to 15.7%) in average. After 5 to 7 days of fruiting process, 2~36 primordia per medium were formed. The number of primordium formation was in the following order: Manchuhyang> Sansanhyang> Sanbaekhyang> Bambithyang> Sangjanghyang> Taehyanggo. The stipe length was 41~59 mm as followed by Taehyanggo (59 mm), Sanbackhyang (56 mm), Bambithyang (54 mm), Manchuhyang (53 mm), Sanjanghyang (45 mm) and Sansanhyang (41 mm). Among the strains, Sansanhyang had short and thick stipe. The average weight of fruiting bodies was 33~77 g as following order of Taehyanggo (77 g), Bambithyang (51 g), Sansanhyang (50 g), Manchuhyang (41 g), Sanjanghyang (34 g) and Sanbackhyang (33 g). Mushroom production per 2 kg medium was the highest in Sanbackhyang (473 g) followed by Bambithyang (287 g), Manchuhyang (175 g), Sansanhyang (109 g), Sanjanghyang (78 g) and Taehyanggo (60 g). The hardness of the cap was 1,218 to 1,839 g/10 mm. Taehyanggo was the hardest (1,839 g/10 mm) and Bambithyang was the softest (1,218 g/10 mm). In conclusion, in the cultivation condition of sawdust block medium, mushroom production was good in Sanbackhyang and Bambithyang. Sansanhyang showed good in terms of fruiting body shape.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. Cultivation process of on sawdust block media. A: 15-day mycelial growth after inoculation; B: 60-day mycelial growth after inoculation; C: Fruiting bodies after 100-day culture.