Erysiphe convolvuli, a Powdery Mildew Occurring on Convolvulus arvensis in Korea

In-Young   Choi1   Young-Eun   Na2   Lamiya   Abasova1   Joon-Ho  Choi1   Hyeon-Dong   Shin1,3,*   

1Department of Agricultural Biology, Jeonbuk National University, Jeonju 54896, Korea
2National Institute of Agricultural Science, Rural Development Administration, Wanju 55365, Korea
3Division of Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering, Korea University, Seoul 02841, Korea


Anamorph of a powdery mildew was collected from Convolvulus arvensis (Convolvulaceae) in 2021 in Korea. Based on the morphological examination and molecular phylogenetic analyses of the internal transcribed spacer and large subunit rDNA gene, the powdery mildew was identified as Erysiphe convolvuli. This powdery mildew species is commonly found in Europe and North America, but rarely in East Asia. The holomorph of this powdery mildew was first recorded on Calystegia hederacea in Korea. Conclusively, this is the first report of E. convolvuli on C. arvensis and the second record of this powdery mildew species in Korea.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. Powdery mildew caused by on , which is climbing over hedge-grown Euonymus japonicus shrubs on the roadside (A). Close-up view of E. convolvuli infection on growing over (right arrow). Note that young leaves are newly infected (left arrow) and uninfected (upper arrow) (B).