Characteristics of Newly Bred Lentinula edodes Cultivar ‘Jadam’ for Sawdust Cultivation

Jeong-Han   Kim1,*   IL-Sun   Baek1   Jong-In   Choi1   Bok-Eum Shin1   Young-Ju  Kang1   Tai-Moon  Ha1   Gu-Hyun Jung1   Yeon-Jin  Kim1   Jun-Yeong Choi1   

1Organic Microoragnism Research Center, Gyeonggido Agricultural Research & Extension Services,Gwangju 12805, Korea


A new cultivar of oak mushroom Lentinula edodes ‘Jadam’ was bred from monokaryotic strains of ‘Hwadam-18’ and ‘GMLE36295-22’. The optimum temperature for mycelial growth of ‘Jadam’ on potato dextrose agar was 22-25℃. Total cultivation period of the new cultivar, from inoculation to its first harvest, was 122-124 days, shorter to that of the control cultivar ‘Hwadam’. Total yield of ‘Jadam’ was 623.8 g per 3 kg substrate, and is higher than that of ‘Hwadam’ (455.2 g). In the fruiting body of the new cultivar, the stipe was shorter and thinner than those of ‘Hwadam’. A farmhouse field test showed that the period of mycelial growth and browning was shorter than that of control cultivar ‘L808’. The total yield for 2 flush was 543.3 g for ‘Jadam’. It was similar to the 585.3 g of the control cultivar. Therefore, the new cultivar ‘Jadam’ could be a substitute for ‘L808’ in the field of farms.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. The pedigree of a new oak mushroom ‘Jadam’ bred by mating of monokaryotic mycelia.