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March 2022

  • Vol. 50 No. 1
  • Isolation and Characterization of Previously Undescribed Seventeen Fungal Species Belonging to the order Hypocreales in Korea

    Jaeduk Goh, Yoosun Oh, Young-Hwan Park, Hye Yeon Mun, Sangkyu Park, and Wonsu Cheon

  • Production and Characterization of the Beneficial Β-glucuronidase Inhibitor from non pathogenic wild yeast, Candida oleophila WP5-19-1, and its effects on gut microbes

    Seon-Jeong Park, and Jong-Soo Lee

  • Fusarium oxysporum Causes Root Rot on Gastrodia elata in Korea: Morphological, Phylogenetic, and Pathogenicity Analyses

    Sang-A Lee, Eun-Kyung Bae, Chanhoon An, Min-Jeong Kang, and Eung-Jun Park

  • First Report of Smut Caused by Urocystis eranthidis on Anemone flaccida in Korea

    Diane Avalos-Ruiz, Gi-Seok Seol, Seong-Keun Lim, In-Kyu Kang, Seung-Yeol Lee, and Hee-Young Jung

  • Erysiphe convolvuli, a Powdery Mildew Occurring on Convolvulus arvensis in Korea

    In-Young Choi, Young-Eun Na, Lamiya Abasova, Joon-Ho Choi, and Hyeon-Dong Shin

  • Stem Rot of Bonnet Bellflower Caused by Rhizoctonia solani AG-4

    Wan-Gyu Kim, Gyo-Bin Lee, Hong-Sik Shim, and Weon-Dae Cho

  • Isolating and characterizing the unrecorded Wild Yeasts from Seawater and Soil in Haeundae and Mongdol Beaches on the Southern Coast of, Korea

    Seon-Jeong Park, Ji-Eun Jang, Jeong-Su Moon, Hyang-Burm Lee and Jong-Soo Lee