December, 2023

  • Vol. 51 No. 04
  • Occurrence of Gray Mold in Wasabi Caused by Botrytis cinerea in Korea

    Wan-Gyu Kim, Gyo-Bin Lee, Hong-Sik Shim, and Weon-Dae Cho

  • Evaluation of Extracellular Enzyme Activity of Fungi from Freshwater Environment in South Korea

    >Hye Yeon Mun, Yoosun Oh, and Jaeduk Goh

  • First Report of Pyrenophora tritici-repentis in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in Korea and in vitro Selection of an Effective Fungicide

    Min-Hye Jeong, Eu Ddeum Choi, Seol-Hwa Jang, Sang-Min Kim, and Sook-Young Park

  • Taxonomic and Microbiological Report on Seven Yeast Species Unrecorded in the National Species List of Korea

    Jung-Woo Ko, Ye-Jin Kim, Hye-Rim Ryu, Min-Kyeong Kim, Chorong Ahn, Changmu Kim, and Cheon-Seok Park

  • Erysiphe orixae, a Powdery Mildew Occurring on Orixa japonica in Korea

    Ji-Hyun Park, In-Young Choi, Lamiya Abasova, Hyeon-Dong Shin

  • Newly Recorded Macrofungi from Taebaeksan National Park in Korea

    Jae Young Park, Jin Sung Lee, Minkyeong Kim, Hyun Lee, Changmu Kim, and Nam Kyu Kim

  • Five Unrecorded Endophytic Fungal Species in Sordariomycetes from Korea

    Jae-Eui Cha, Eun-Ju Kim, Yun-Jeong Kim, and Ahn-Heum Eom

  • First Record of Four Yeast Strains Isolated from Freshwater in Korea

    Yoosun Oh, Wonsu Cheon, Hye Yeon Mun, and Jaeduk Goh

  • Characterization of Ascomycetous Yeast Species Wickerhamomyces sp. GW1-4 and Archaeorhizomyces sp. YB4-103 isolated from Soil

    Ji Yun Son, and Myung Kyum Kim

  • Mycological Characteristics and Carbon Source Activities of Unrecorded Wild Yeast Species from Vineyard Soil in Korea

    Bong Soon Yim, and Myung Kyum Kim

  • First Report of Charcoal Rot Caused by Macrophomina phaseolina on Peanut Plants in Korea

    Soo Yeon Choi, You Kyoung Lee, Chang Ok Geum, Shinhwa Kim, Hyunjung Chung, Sang-Min Kim, and Yong Hoon Lee

  • Characteristics of Lentinula edodes Fruiting Bodies Formed by Mono-mono Hybridization Using Mating Type Analysis

    Yeongseon Jang, Mi-Jeong Park, Eunjin Kim, Min-Jun Kim, Yeun Sug Jeong, and Kang-Hyeon Ka

  • Occurrence of Fusarium Wilt in Basil Caused by Fusarium oxysporum in Korea

    Wan-Gyu Kim, Gyo-Bin Lee, Hyo-Won Choi, and Weon-Dae Cho

  • Holomorph and Phylogeny of Erysiphe chloranthi on Chloranthus japonicus in Korea

    In-Young Choi, Lamiya Abasova, Byoung-Ki Choi, Ji-Hyun Park, and Hyeon-Dong Shin

  • Report on the Unrecorded Helvella Genus Found in Taebaek City, South Korea

    Sangyoung Park, Sohee Kim, Eunjin Kim, Ju-Kyung Eo, and Hwayong Lee

  • Species Diversity of Endophytic Fungi Isolated from Taxus cuspidata Inhabiting Mt. Hallasan, Korea

    Jae-Eui Cha, Hyeok Park, Ahn-Heum Eom

  • Morphological Characteristics of the Fruiting Bodies of Wild Lentinula edodes Strains Cultivated on Sawdust Blocks in Korea

    Yeun Sug Jeong, Min-Jun Kim, Eunjin Kim, Mi-Jeong Park, Kang-Hyeon Ka, and Yeongseon Jang

  • Apiospora pseudosinensis (Apiosporaceae): an Unrecorded Endophytic Fungus Isolated from Pseudosasa japonica

    Ju-Kyeong Eo, Jae-Eui Cha, and Ahn-Heum Eom

  • Report of Eight Unrecorded Fungi from the Fire Blight Burial Control Soil in Korea

    Hyeongjin Noh, Huiju Seo, and Seong Hwan Kim

  • Six New Recorded Boletes from Mudeungsan National Park in Korea

    Jae Young Park, Jin Sung Lee, Minkyeong Kim, Changmu Kim, and Nam Kyu Kim

  • Seven Unrecorded Species of Ascomycota Isolated from the Rhizosphere Soils of Apple and Pear Trees in Korea

    Hyeongjin Noh, Hyun Uk Cho, Jun Woo Cho, Seong Jae Ahn, and Seong Hwan Kim

  • Unrecorded Fungi Isolated from Fire Blightcontrolled Apple Orchard Soil in Korea

    Soo Young Chi, Jun Woo Cho, Hyeongjin Noh, Minseok Kim, Ye Eun Kim, and Seong Hwan Kim

  • Occurrence of Entomophthora muscae Isolated from Delia platura in South Korea

    Kyung-Gu Min, Jeong-Heon Kim, Tae-Min Park, Eui-Yong Hong, Yu-Bin Park, Jin-Woo Lee, Youn-Jin Park, Myoung-Jun Jang

  • Diversity of Endophytic Fungi Isolated from Pinus densiflora in Chuncheon city, Gangwon province, Korea

    Dae Ho Kim, Ju Hyun Yong, and Jong Kyu Lee